I always look at the same three things when evaluating a multilevel marketing business, the product, the company and the marketing materials. By using the same system consistently I find it easier to make objective assessments about a given program or product.

I want to be focusing on the Ardyss brochures that distributors can use in this article, so I’ll be moving quickly through my discussion of the product and company. Away we go.

First off there is not one Ardyss product there are many. They not only have their line of body reshaping garments they also have their health supplement and skin care product lines as well.

A program with the number of options that Ardyss has is certainly good, but both health supplement and skin care are fiercely competitive industries. Unique is always best when looking at a product.

The company Ardyss has been operating for over 20 years if you go back to the small business that would eventually become the Ardyss Corporation. They started with their body reshaping garments, which means they have got tons of experience in that field under the belt, a definite “plus.”

With the impact the internet has had on the MLM industry the digital delivery of brochures can be highly effective, not to mention there is no money to be spent on printing hard copies or buying ink.

Testimonials are pretty popular because good ones can be so moving, but I do not like them. I have seen too many testimonials that were reused or obviously fabricated, and I am sure I am not the only one. This is why I prefer more informative materials like the Ardyss brochures. When I see a testimonial my inner cynic starts to scream.

In conclusion, your success in any MLM program, including Ardyss, depends on your marketing skill. While the Ardyss brochures are helpful, they alone will not lead to success. In order to see your MLM Business grow you need to know how to market effectively, once you do, you will be able to make any MLM product or program a winner for you.